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Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump (JK10R) - China air source heat pump, air to ...

Use Of Geothermal Water As The Heat Source Heat Pump Water Analysis (figure)

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Abstract: This paper introduces the Beijing University to conduct deep geothermal Heating Demonstration projects and research geothermal energy cascading technology pilot project of two projects synthesis. This paper introduces the college for the school in 2000 square meters of office floor geothermal heating (and Refrigeration ) Pilot project system overview, use of deep geothermal pm Heat Pump Selection and heat pump COP values, the system design considerations, dynamic experiments, geothermal systems use open to run the overall efficiency of , geothermal utilization of the relationship between .

Key words deep geothermal water source heat pump cascade use of the building Heating

An overview Deep ground water in the world, widely used in a very long history. Western United States, deep geothermal areas, well depth of 300-400 meters, you can cut out the 80-90 in the geothermal water from underground environmental point of view, states have different policies, but the general does not advocate the use of open systems, if used, strict recharge the same layer. France’s low-enthalpy heat can not warm aquifer water over 50 , well depth from several hundred meters to 1000-2000 meters range, and its application to achieve the cascade utilization, and strictly implement the “right well” system, that is, a production well , an injection well. Paris Basin, the groundwater level, 20 years, basically to maintain the water level did not fall, is a remarkable achievement. Poland holds aquifer thermal energy storage under the water temperature was between 30-130 , using a variety of use of technology. Hot water heating in China to have a long history of Tianjin and Tanggu area will be, but its tail water temperature is high, in recent years, Tianjin, advanced technology, strict implementation “of the well” system, so that the groundwater level rose gradually.

Beijing is the world’s few, there are deep geothermal water resources in the capitals. Over the past 30 years, a total of deep geothermal wells drilled about 200, more than 130 wells in normal use. Since most geothermal wells at temperatures between 40-60 , limited to the reasonable use of the spa villas. For a very few cases of direct geothermal heating. In 1999, in Beijing, discovered the depth of 3800 m south of 88 Department of geothermal water. Bid for the 2008 Olympics Council since the Beijing authorities to conduct a comprehensive geophysical and found three large geothermal field, the water temperature up to 70-80 , well depth of 3,500 meters. Beijing’s deep geothermal water level has fallen by 2 meters, from the perspective of sustainable development, to consider the use of deep ground water recharge technology and the importance of technology.

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/leadership-articles/use-of-geothermal-water-as-the-heat-source-heat-pump-water-analysis-figure-3363553.html