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Source of All Geothermal Energy

Hello again,

It is important to remember that the sun is the source of all geothermal energy. NASA has some spectacular videos that give you a feel for the power of our sun! Try this video on for size (careful, it can be mesmerising). According to the leader on the video, this 15 minute video required about 150 hours of special technicians’ time to prepare. It is made from ten different wavelength exposures, each shown in different colours here, taken every 10 seconds.

P.S. If you get a white box with or without advertising in the middle of the screen, you can cancel it, Mouse-over the upper right corner area – when you see a small black circle with an “x” in it, click on it. That should close all the garbage and give you an unrestricted view. It is even more spectacular full screen!


Iceland’s Volcanos

Hello again,

The second video below is not new and it is not exactly on subject, but it attracted my attention again as Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano starts to flex it’s muscles.

Published by the BBC two years ago, on 2 September 2012, reporter Kate Humble heads to Iceland and meets the scientists monitoring the country’s most dangerous volcanoes. She also investigates the biggest eruptions in Iceland’s past.

The video – as a friend of mine noted, is both fascinating and frightening. It is difficult to stop watching, so you need to be aware in advance that the show is almost an hour long. Plan accordingly!

Will Katla explode again? Will the Yellowstone Park magma accumulation explode? The answer is – “undoubtedly, yes!” The more critical question is “When?” and no one has the tools (at least to public knowledge today) to be able to accurately predict the answers to that question.

To reflect a little on our main subject, the energy displayed in this video generally is the forefather of the energy we recover from volcanic areas in producing geothermal energy. Iceland does this successfully today. I expect that we will never be able to recover more than a tiny fraction of one percent of the energy that is released when just one of these volcanoes erupts. But that potential is a source that outweighs all the other sustainable and renewable energies combined.

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