“Analemma” – No, I didn’t know what it meant either until I saw this article online. I found the text and the image from “Starwalk” on facebook and I tracked that back to “Mandaladana” via “E-A-R-T-H-Q-U-A-K-E” and “st0rmer” on Tumbler. The text and the image are from Mandaladana on Tumbler:


Analemma. The sun’s position in the sky, photographed from the same location at the same time of day throughout a year, forms an analemma. This shows the sun’s apparent swinging from its northernmost position, at the analemma’s uppermost point, at summer solstice, to its southernmost position/lowest point, at winter solstice.

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  1. Just a thought: the terms “uppermost” and “lowermost” combined with “northernmost” and “southernmost” and “summer solstice” and “winter solstice” as used above only apply to the northern hemisphere! In the southern hemisphere, “lowermost” is combined with “southernmost” and “winter solstice” go together. (I think I got that right?)

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