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Electricity from Hot Groundwater

A report from the Swiss TV teletext:


(I hope to transcribe and translate this soon. Sorry for you non-German readers.)

The main theme is that a local company has been formed to attempt to get Swiss government approval for a project in Lavey-le-Bains (Canton Vaud) to start drilling a well (or wells?) and operate the drilling procedure. The project is designed to recover hot water from underground for heat recovery (geothermal wells) for electrical generation. The design is to provide electricity for about 900 homes. The project is supposed to be unique in Switzerland. [ed: if it is successful, it will definitely be unique in Switzerland!]

Not Exactly Geothermal Energy

Switzerland is proposing to store radioactive wastes in deep artificial caverns. The location of these caverns is sill not decided, but many of the localities involved were not so happy about the situation. Each well should be 2000 meters (6’600 feet) deep. Now, there are only three potential locations remaining. For one of the wells in Aargau (north-central Switzerland), there were 419 complaints about the idea, 99% from individuals. Here is an interim report about the situation. Again, sorry that I have not had the time to translate these from the Swiss German. The source is the Swiss TV Teletext seervice.


Fracking Regulation in Switzerland

A report from the Swiss TV teletext:


(I hope to transcribe and translate this soon. Sorry for you non-German readers.

The main theme is that the Swiss government has not approve a general ban on fracking for heat recovery wells (geothermal wells). Instead, each case should be regarded individually with concern for earthquakes and groundwater contamination. At the same time, the government confirmed the ban on drilling for natural gas due to CO2 pollution from the consumption of natural gas.)

Source of All Geothermal Energy

Hello again,

It is important to remember that the sun is the source of all geothermal energy. NASA has some spectacular videos that give you a feel for the power of our sun! Try this video on for size (careful, it can be mesmerising). According to the leader on the video, this 15 minute video required about 150 hours of special technicians’ time to prepare. It is made from ten different wavelength exposures, each shown in different colours here, taken every 10 seconds.

P.S. If you get a white box with or without advertising in the middle of the screen, you can cancel it, Mouse-over the upper right corner area – when you see a small black circle with an “x” in it, click on it. That should close all the garbage and give you an unrestricted view. It is even more spectacular full screen!

Potential Sources of Geothermal Energy in the Swiss Rhine Valley

Studie ortetet Potenzial für Geothermie-Nutzung im Rheintal

(I hope to transcribe and translate this soon. Sorry for you non-German readers.

The general idea is that some locations were identified as being potentially good for geothermal production in the Rhine Valley in eastern Switzerland.)


“Analemma” – No, I didn’t know what it meant either until I saw this article online. I found the text and the image from “Starwalk” on facebook and I tracked that back to “Mandaladana” via “E-A-R-T-H-Q-U-A-K-E” and “st0rmer” on Tumbler. The text and the image are from Mandaladana on Tumbler:


Analemma. The sun’s position in the sky, photographed from the same location at the same time of day throughout a year, forms an analemma. This shows the sun’s apparent swinging from its northernmost position, at the analemma’s uppermost point, at summer solstice, to its southernmost position/lowest point, at winter solstice.


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